China adventures: Exploring Suzhou

IMG_4108 travel-china-suzhou-forever21-nike-free-4109travel-china-suzhou-forever21-nike-free-9380

travel-china-suzhou-forever21-nike-free-9381 travel-china-suzhou-forever21-nike-free-9403 travel-china-suzhou-forever21-nike-free-9397 travel-china-suzhou-forever21-nike-free-9406 travel-china-suzhou-forever21-nike-free-9409A couple months ago, I packed my suitcase and ventured to China with a dear college friend. Unsure of what we would encounter our only expectations were to meet new people, try a varied cuisine, and embrace the uncomfortable that would inevitably come our way.

Aside from the Great Wall (to come in a later post) my favorite day was spent in Suzhou. Upon the advice of a few locals, we took a gondola ride through the water town and experienced unforgettable views of the people and culture. Along the way, we saw several couples taking engagement photos (which was very also very prominent in Shanghai). One bride to be caught my eye because her vivid red dress created a stunning contrast to the otherwise neutral tones in the background. A few of the above pictures capture the garden we visited, the view along the water, and generations of local style we observed along the route.