3 Lessons from my capsule challenge

 capsule wardrobe challenge IMG_1298.JPG

I learned a lot after completing this challenge. I could bombard you with a bunch of one-liners about harnessing your willpower, creating environments conducive to success and reducing the noise in your life (which are all valuable lessons). But, instead I'll share three insanely practical things I learned from the capsule wardrobe challenge:

1. Invest in a few pairs of great shoes, and find a cobbler. I've gotten rid of two dozen pairs of shoes (and counting) since I started the challenge and don't intend on looking back. One beautifully crafted shoe is worth six trendy more affordable shoes in my opinion.
2. Owning more clothes doesn't mean you'll actually wear them. The thought of only having 36 items to choose from was daunting at first. I incorrectly assumed that I would out wear every single item multiple times and really mix things up. Obviously I was mistaken. Like your favorite song on repeat,  there were certain items I went back to time and time again while others just simply sat there. So even with the dramatic reduction in my wardrobe, I was still drawn to a select few items.
3. Bored with your outfit? There are three quick and foolproof fixes. Red lipstick, a statement necklace, and you guessed it - hair. Whether messy bun, fro, or marley twists, hair styling should not be underestimated and adds a unique element of style to any outfit.
So I can't conclude this post without getting a bit philosophical. The ultimate lesson learned in this experience is how important it is for me to collect more experiences than things. Happiness is an individual pursuit, so by no means do I think my methods are a one size fits all solution. But, while standing at the top of the Great Wall there was a clear understanding of what I intend to collect and they can't be stored in a closet.  
xx, Cam