Already Wore That

I've had a to dress up (and by dress up I mean a bar right below cocktail attire) for a few occasions over the past week or so. Staying true to the capsule, I've repeated 2 of the 3 dresses a few times already. The first time, I was a little embarrassed to wear the same dress to two events in one week. The entire time I was nervous I might run into some of the same people and commit some tragic fashion faux pas. God forbid.  
While I understand the desire to want to make a statement, I brought myself back down to my reality. I can recall many a night getting ready with friends and the words 'I already wore that' reared their head. But who made up these rules anyway? Or more importantly, why do so many people follow them?
I remember my favorite short set when I was 6 years old.  The shorts were glow in the dark and the top had this awesome Minnie Mouse print (yay for 90's coordinates!) I wore that fit just about everyday and went out of my way to show it off to anyone who would listen. Sure I was six, and things change when you add 20+ years to the mix. But perhaps we're all just taking ourselves a bit too seriously. 
While I'm not advocating to rock the same pants every day like I once did, if you bought something and love it, just wear it. Wear it as much or as little as you want, because you want to, not because of some unwritten rule. My take is this - confidence and a smile look better than any new dress ever will.
Wool overcoat (Thrifted)| Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch (old)
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