Favorite thing about attending a Hindu wedding? The number of wardrobe changes. Two weeks ago I had the honor of seeing my dear friend marry the love of her life. The wedding festivities began two days before the actual wedding (for me anyway). For those few days I wholeheartedly immersed myself in the traditions. From Mehndi (which I still have proof of), to Garba, to drinking mango lassis during the day long wedding ceremony, there was no shortage of activities.  
While the entertainment and intricate adornments are mesmerizing, what is truly remarkable is the undeniable and unconditional love that the couple have for one another. At it's core, the wedding represents their union, the union of their families, and a commitment to journeying through life together. 
So to Anu and Anish - Thank you for sharing your moment with us all.  I wish you a lifetime of happiness and encourage you to stand tall in love, faith, and understanding...together. 
- Cam