Every time an Indian wedding is discussed with my non-Indian friends, the topic of a Sari is the first to rise. The color, the texture, the fabric, inclusive of 9+ yards all wrapped up is the obvious spark of conversation. Recently, Cam & I were blessed to attend our dear friend's Hindu wedding, where (of course) the dress of choice was traditional Indian wear. I forewarned Cam - it will be tight, it may be difficult to walk, it takes some practice - but with ease, Cam pulled it off! It was as if she couldn't have been more comfortable.

I explained to her the various ways of draping the Sari depending upon the region in India you are from. For example, Gujarati/Rajastani has a similar way of pleating the front, then draping across the right shoulder, versus a Maharashtrian would drape the sari placed at the center back, where the ends are brought forward and tied securely, then two ends are wrapped around the legs.

One raw material, with several different finished products. Fascinating! For Cam & I, that was the one thing we could wrap our head around - unity in diversity. What creative art in clothing one piece of fabric can make. I was happy to see one of my dearest friends get to experience what it's like to walk & talk in a Sari. Soon enough, she will be the expert at the next festive occasion!