Black Friday in Brixton Market


It's no surprise that I am anti-Black Friday. I never quite understood how after a day of showing gratitude for what we do have, people (literally) stomp over one another to save $20 buying things we "don't" have

Instead of joining the masses shopping in Central London yesterday, I opted to explore Brixton Market, a market for local artists, and grab a late lunch with my niece. While being completely indecisive about where to eat we stumbled across The Keep, an ethical fashion store and met the owner, Kate. I chatted with her briefly and learned about how she started the shop, her commitment to keeping prices as low as possible, and the sustainable fashion meet-ups she hosts for people interested and/or working in the space. 

Meeting Kate could not have been a more serendipitous. Before Brixton Market, I had meetings near Oxford street all morning and despite my efforts, I was surrounded by bustling, aggressive shoppers all day. I saw a woman nearly knock down a child trying to walk into Zara!  Needless to say, I was annoyed by all the mayhem. 

Source: @thekeepboutique

Source: @thekeepboutique

Exploring The Keep and meeting Kate was a necessary reminder that there are people doing the work to chip away at the false narrative that what we currently have is never enough...that we must consume things then consume some more. 

I don't buy it.

But if we must consume, let's consume more pie.