Same suit different day

My capsule challenge has officially been over for almost 2 weeks now, but from the looks of my wardrobe, you wouldn’t know it.  Life has been quite the whirlwind for the past month with a few life changes (some lovely, others more difficult) and I barely have the time or the energy to care about what I’m wearing. 

When I’ve explained the challenge to my guy friends their automatic response, in an annoyingly sarcastic tone has been, “Oh so you’re only buying clothes that you need and then actually wearing them? Cool idea Cam.” As a disclaimer, I do not consider most of my guy friends to be fashonistas. They dress merely for efficiency, comfort, and function. That said, it has been nice to spend more time sweating the big stuff, the real life stuff, yet still feel good about what I’m wearing.

Speaking of the boys, I love to pair structured menswear items, like this blazer, with clothes that have a feminine touch. There’s a reason why the boyfriend blazer, boyfriend jeans, and boyfriend shirt have survived so many seasons. Their clothes look better on us.  

Vintage wool blazer| Zara black jegging |BR white boyfriend shirt | Christian Louboutin So Kate  View my capsule wardrobe here.