Vacation Capsule: Bahamas

Greetings! About three weeks ago I got a call from one of my best friends, with a request to join her in the Bahamas. My first thought was, 'An opportunity to get me away from Snowmegeddon? Yes please!' After the excitement subsided, I realized that because a destination trip to 80 degree weather was not in my original plan I had not factored it into my three month capsule. 
I've been committed to my 36 items (and trust me it hasn't been easy), but there's no way I could wear my cashmere sweaters and over the knee boots in beautiful Bahamas.  
Insert the 'vacation capsule' - twenty items suitable for a trip to paradise. 
With the exception of three swimsuits, all of the items were sourced from my closet. So although I did have to do minimal shopping, these suits will be used again once New England eventually experiences summer.  The black, white, teal and cutouts were unintentional, but it's nice to see that I had a theme going! 
More pics to come, hope you enjoy. 

Vacation capsule items
1. ASOS caged bikini  (here and here) | 2. Target white bikini (black version here) | 3. UO Printed cut out midi dress | 4. H&M Black midi | 5. H&M Cutout dress  (love this one for spring)| 6. Black pencil skirt | 7. White maxi skirt (similar) | 8. ASOS broken mono print bikini (here) | 9. H&M x Beyonce bikini (old)
10. ASOS cutout dress (similar here) | 11. PNW Volkswagon Tee | 12. Grey long sleeve crop top | 13. Off the shoulder crop top | 14. AA Crop Top | 15+ 16 Levi's 501 cutoffs (some great finds on Etsy) | 17. Mossimo sandals | 18. Zara sandals | 19. Topshop metallic heels | 20. Nike Flyknit trainers