Officially over the snow. Between the event cancellations, delays, and non-existent public transportation the weather is seriously putting a cramp in my style. I'm thankful for living in a place that actually experiences four real seasons, but I'm SO ready for spring!
Few things have made this winter bearable and my Sperry boots are one of them. Last year I somehow managed to get by without purchasing any real snow boots (by January just about every weather protection boot from here to Maine was sold out!)  This year I grabbed these online just before the holidays. Knowing the brand mostly for their boat shoes, I wasn't quite sure these boots would hold up to a New England winter. One month and 8 feet of snow later, I can say they are the most essential item in my capsule.
P.S. I smell a tropical get away coming on :)
GAP white v-neck | Zara grey skinny jeans (similar here) | Sperry duck boot
Thrifted wool overcoat
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