When I stumbled across this wall with my olive shirt and reptilian-like boots an old childhood nickname immediately came to mind...Chameleon. People use to call me just about anything that had 'Cam' in it, but I really disliked this nickname. I did not want to be referred to as a reptile and surely not one that changed it's skin color to 'blend in'. 
What I did not know about chameleons at the time, is their unique eyesight. Their eyes give them 360 degree views. At first I thought, this would be a pretty cool superpower!  The ability to see what's coming ahead and what's behind you could be a very useful skill, literally or figuratively speaking. 
The more I thought about I much progress would I make if I were constantly concerned with what was behind me? Would I live in a state of fear or anxiety? A relentless focus on what's behind me would inevitably hinder my growth. With one eye looking behind and one ahead, I would be unable to head full force into what lies ahead.
So, unlike the chameleon I will keep both eyes looking forward and enjoy the ride. 
Zara Python booties | H&M blouse| Zara grey skinny jeans (similar here)
Vintage bag + gold bangles worn as arm cuffs
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