Vantage point

This rooftop is on of my favorite places in the city.  From this spot, I see old and new parts of the city literally transforming before my eyes. I've come here for a few years now, and I'm amazed at how each time, things look a little different. Not simply because they are, but because I am. 
Our vantage point is a result of our collective experiences. When we allow ourselves the space to do our perspectives evolve and transform. Sometimes over a few days and in some cases a few years. But one day you wake up and things look and feel noticeably different. These feelings are often accompanied by an unwillingness to revert back to old ways and perspectives. 
For me, that's where the beauty lies. 
xo, Cam
H&M faux leather pleated skirt, American Apparel bodysuit (here), ASOS Hideout Heeled Sandal (here), Vintage Coach purse and jewerly