To kick off my mini PacNW tour I explored Portland for two days. What impressed me most about this quaint little city was how creative and friendly everyone was.
I had never been to the PacNW so this trip was an opportunity for me to test the waters for traveling solo. I'm so comfortable traveling with friends or family (and thankful for those pleasures). However, sometimes I just want to get up and go (patience has never been one of my strengths) so traveling solo is something I've become far more comfortable with over the years. 
I'm planning a couple international trips next year so with that in mind, a mini PacNW tour was an easy way to get my feet wet (with domestic comforts).The people in Portland were so friendly, welcoming and warm which made the experience very easy to adapt to.  I'll be posting more pics of my trip in the coming days and my thoughts on traveling for one. 
I wore this lightweight (and easy to pack) two piece before heading to dinner with a friend on the last night. 
Top and Bottom: ASOS, Shoes: Zara, Necklace: Aldo