For several years now I have been a strong supporter of TOMS because they meld two of my passions: style and social impact.

 I've justified buying a new pair of TOMS every year because of their buy one, give one program. I personally can't think of a better reason to buy a pair of shoes! Over the past few years, they've diversified to provide other products with a mission. So when I received this arrow head bracelet from TOMS Marketplace as a gift from a friend of mine, I was equally touched and thrilled to add it to my style staples. 
If you haven't checked it out, TOMS Marketplace is all about connecting businesses that sell products to support social change and providing a platform for small business owners around the country, and around the world. Although the company is now under new ownership, I hope that the fundamentals that made it a trendsetter in social enterprise will still remain. Social enterprises that focus on apparel and footwear are harder to come by, but so many great ones are out there! When my purchase goes  beyond me taking home the product? That's my version of a win. 
Shirt: AA, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Zara