seven to 27

Spent my 27th birthday in California taking in the sun and playing on the beach. Taking a look back, I've chosen to share a few things I've known for many years now, but have truly grown to fully embrace as I enter year 27: 

1. Invest wisely, whether the resource be money, time, or energy. Seems like obvious and practical advice but sometimes time and energy are spent so frivolously, and much like money, they are also finite.
2. Done is better than perfect. Thank you Sheryl Sandberg. 
3. Re-examine. Take time daily to reflect, recalibrate, and pray.  Checkpoints whether done daily or weekly allow me the time and space I need to grow. I also appreciate this time to acknowledge and celebrate the small wins. 
4. Be vulnerable. Vulnerability requires immense courage and strength. Sure you might get hurt or make a few mistakes along the way, but more often than not there are AMAZING opportunities on the other side of fear, discomfort, and challenge. 
5. Be selective. I do my best to live by the motto of "If it's not a clear yes, then it's a no." I can't be all things to all people and nor do I want to, that sounds exhausting! Being selective can be incredibly difficult, but forces me to stay true to myself. If I'm doing a good job of balancing #4 with this mantra, I don't have to worry about my fears turning a potential "yes" into a "no" :)
6. Remove expectation, but have faith. Humans are creatures of habit and the mind is beautifully designed. Like many others, I'm guilty of building up an idea in my head of how things are suppose to be (often because a long time ago some other human said it should be that way) and when reality doesn't align with the version I created, disappointment rears it's ugly head. Sometimes I need a gentle reminder to just live and have faith. Things always work out as intended.  
7. Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time. Maya Angelou gave the world many beautiful words and these were a few of them. 

xo, Cam