Ode to Steve Jobs. With so much going on at work and in life, my day to day attire has become a mere afterthought - hence the consistent black on black. The benefit of this is that I can use my decision making power and overall bandwidth for more important things (says the style blogger :) than my outfit that day. It's been said that Steve Jobs had a consistent uniform look of a turtleneck and jeans, for both daily convenience and signature branding.

While, I do think there is merit to spending limited time on decisions that don't really matter in the long run I wholeheartedly agree that style is self expression. I believe Jobs subtly made this declaration every time he put on the exact same outfit, he expressed the ease and simplicity of his approach.

When style is truly representative of you it flows naturally and won't require a substantial time investment. For me, that could mean a turtleneck one day or chiffon dress the next.

bless, Cam