There's something so courageous about small business owners. They go out on a limb with an idea and commit to it. 
We respect that. 

So what else would we do on a sun-kissed, 50 degree Saturday in March, other than hang out with a few artists with a pretty STICKY idea? While the thought of consuming multiple types of honey did not initially strike our interest, the eclectic shop sure did. 

Not only do they have (or what feels like) every organic raw honey in the universe, but their bright store is filled with beeswax candles, pure pollen, and honey infused lotions, soaps, and scrubs. Favorite item? Honey on tap. I know; we couldn't believe it either. To walk us through all of buzz, we met Erin, an artist and self-proclaimed bee-educator who’s been with Follow The Honey since inception.  She kindly bartended us through their raw honey bar where we got delicious tastes with smooth, thick and even gritty textures from three continents. In befriending Erin, we learned there is so much more that goes behind a typical jar of honey, yet they thankfully present a culture where no honey snobs are allowed. 

While we credit Follow the Honey for their epic flavors and funky displays, what we took away most was if you work hard and follow your heart...the rewards can be pretty sweet.

Reena x Cam